Cleaning Needs Addressed

We provide a few different general and specific cleaning  services to suit your needs.


Carrying Cleaning Supplies

General cleaning includes services at the following places of business- restaurants, bars, stores, auto dealerships, offices clinics, banks, and municipal buildings.


Cleaning Sink

Our clients get the following services:


Clean and stock restrooms

Vacuum carpeted areas

Sweep & mop floors, with waxing of smooth surface floors

Cleaning of kitchen floors (including upkeep of grout)

Clean blinds & windows regularly or by request,


Maintaining baseboards, stairwells, and entrances, dispose of trash & recycling

Grounds maintenance

About Travis Repp

Travis has been involved in cleaning from his early teens. He had hard work and heavy responsibilities to tend to since childhood, and all through life since. Travis was training and managing others as an employee for decades, having regular cleaning duties in every job, learning and practicing transferable skills for many years.


As a teen, Travis helped clean a private school and a church regularly.


From his twenties into mid thirties, jobs that involved in house janitorial duties for one or two hours before ending work. In his mid thirties he worked for a few cleaning companies as a professional cleaner, cleaning municipal buildings, residential entrances/lobbies and halls/stairwells, offices, clinics, and bars.


In 2012, began to run his own cleaning business, where he cleaned restaurants, bars, cafes, stores, and offices. He will always do walk-throughs, and wax floors if needed. If requested, he cleans kitchen floors, cleans carpets, does construction and renovation cleanups, and tends to grounds.