We Go The

Extra Mile For You

Need a clean? We can help! We do guaranteed walk-through inspections of our work before service is officially complete.

Travis Repp Commercial Cleaners is now offering 20% off services to those that successfully  refer three friends.

About Travis Repp Commercial Cleaners

We have worked in cleaning commercial properties as well as green cleaning, office buildings, apartments, move ins and move outs, auto dealerships, financial institutions, schools, gyms, construction clean up, restaurants, medical offices, churches, and more!


We have received a number of positive responses from our customers expressing their satisfaction with our cleaning services. 

“I have been getting the commercial cleaners in here since about 2016. They do a great job and keep my restaurant very clean. I like that they bring their own cleaning supplies.”

Michal Duply

“Before working with Travis Repp Commercial Cleaners, I had a crew that didn't pay as close attention to detail and that crew would skip cleaning between the booth seats. Happy that the tables and booths are getting cleaned now with Travis.”

Josh Everette

“Not only does the place look cleaner when Travis and his crew is done, it smells cleaner too. It is nearly spotless when he is done with the job. Highly recommend.”

Roger Venicee